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Licensed technology from Koto and northwestgreenbuilding brings a complete sustainable and affordable housing solution. This system won’t compromise design or quality, provided at a cost that is possible for implementation globally. We bring together the most fundamental principles of sustainable building and green design through an implementation methodology that far susurpasses conventional construction. The cost to build is less, has exceptional strength and structural integrity and is complemented by reducing ongoing engergy expenses for heating and cooling of the structure. Standard homes are constructed in a fraction of the time as conventional construction methods.

System benefits:
- Made of Green, Sustainable easily replenishable materials.
- Easy, simple and fast to build.
- Lower cost than ALL other building options.
- Increased thermal resistance (R-Value) much higher than building standard requirements.
- Material properties and characteristics that are Fire Proof, Water Resistant, and Reduce noise transfer significantly.
- 99% agriculture and recycled material to build the walling, flooring and roofing systems.
- Flexible in application to residential and low to mid rise commercial designs.

Please contact us to obtain more information or a demo of how our systems work and the details specific to your project.

This is what the system can do...

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Affordable, Luxurious, Sustainable - No compromise!

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